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Media Roundtable Luncheon Schedule

2018-2019  Season, Our 69th

There are important changes to the Roundtable this coming season.  Please review carefully. Here are the headlines, details after calendar:

1.   There will be a change of VENUE this season.

2.  There will be only 9 scheduled meetings this season.

If you are new to The Media Roundtable and not yet on our mailing list checkout this site and e-mail me to be added to the list if you are "media connected." We define "media" quite broadly. There are NO membership fees, dues or any costs beyond lunch.  Once you attend you are automatically a "member."

Cal 18-19

For more information see: "Dates & Reservations"

Reservation Mailings will go our early to mid-August  Immediate reply is appreciated, with a September 18 deadline. We will process requests in late September,  at which point we'll play "god" again allocating "confirmations" and "wait lists" as fairly as possible.  With the venue changeWe may have more seating. But it is important that we try to fill the seats we have so please feel free to sign up even if you are trying to be generous only spaces for other members

If you have new member/guest prospects for the new season  please call me after you have received your dates and know which of those dates your prospect can join us. 

A number of new participants joined us last season. Many have remained active offering refreshing views and perspectives.

Participants are encouraged to book interesting guests as new members. (For qualifications see Qualifications for Membership.) The 2018-19 luncheon schedule is posted  with a 9 date.  (See "Dates & Reservations").

VENUE CHANGE: The current board of the Field Club has decided to strictly enforce the rule that the sponsoring member must be present at every luncheon. Since we have very few members who belong to both, and none can attend all luncheons, we have been forced to change venues.

While we are giving up the ambience and good service of Field club will be gaining a couple important things. Once again there will be a choice of three main entrées on the menu, which will vary from meeting to meeting. Lunch will include salad or soup du jour, coffee or iced tea and bread-and-butter. It will be table service. Because of the menu variations it might be a little slower, but we do have plenty of time during the meeting.

There will be a roundtable like format, plenty of parking including handicapped, a venue, perhaps more convenient to many than the Field club, and easy access to the first floor dining facility.

Many of our members may appreciate that they will now be able to order beer/wine/or cocktail before or during the event. That of course is à la carte, and needs to be paid for by the individual so ordering. Credit cards are acceptable.

Enough suspense,

We will be meeting at the Sahib Shrine, Hometown Heroes Bar and Grill. It is located one quarter of a mile north of Fruitville Road on Beneva, there is an entrance off Circus Boulevard or off Beneva just north of Circus Boulevard. Please see the location section of the site for more details.

The room is available at 11:30 a.m.  Iced tea, tea and coffee orders are taken early. Cost for the 2018-19 season  is $25.

Number of meetings:  We have reduced the number of  meeting this season to increase both convenience and number of attended per meeting.  Please sign up for as many meetings as you'd like.  We want full houses.

We encourage you to invite new guests.  Please check this internet site for “qualifications” -and they are loosely defined, than give me a call to schedule the best date available. 

Should you invite new members to join us this season we highly recommend you refer them to "Your First Meeting" here at www.MediaRoundtable.com where they can learn Roundtable history, customs (suggested dress, Dutch treat and nature of the “first visit), directions, etc.

Continuing 68 years of Roundtable tradition meetings concentrate on  current issues and future developments without dwelling on the past - though a bit of nostalgia is always welcome.  Sport coat  suggested for men (tie optional), religion and politics discouraged unless discussing media coverage of same.

Participation is easy, as long as you qualify as a media person. (See "Membership")

Once a participant, always a "member." There are no annual dues, no board of directors, no constitution or by-laws. We keep it simple!

Reservations are required.Please cancel if you're not going to make it. We make good use of a waiting list. If its full up on first contact, ask to be on the waiting list.