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If you are a current Media Roundtable participant PLEASE update us on how to reach you.  Use the "Update" button above.



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Keeping track of Roundtable participants is a daunting task. Please help us out!

Update your status.  Our promise, as always, no personal information will EVER be used for any purpose other then reaching you for Media Roundtable related matters.  The "mailing list" will never be sold, "negotiated for," or otherwise distributed.

We will provide an e-mail address to another member of the Roundtable group, but do not release phone numbers or addresses.

If you have an e-mail address, and keep it updated, that's all we really need, assuming you don't need our annual announcement in "hard copy" or aren't on the "waiting list" for any meetings. In those cases phone numbers and mailing addresses remain very important.

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If you'd like to update your bio as found in our mailing include that too.  But, you must limit it to 150 characters including your name, spaces and punctuation. Outrageous abbreviations are acceptable - and encouraged! 

We formerly provided a grid, but it was a pain typing in those little squares.  Therefore just supply a bio of 150 characters maximum (spaces etc. included) in an e-mail to me at the above address.  More characters and we'll return it to you for unmerciful editing!