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Remember we meet at The Field Club.

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If you'd like to attend the Media Roundtable:

Double-check your calendar against ours, below.

Reservations can be made for one or more meetings.  But remember:

  Seating is limited.

Please book or cancel as far in advance as possible. Because there is usually a waiting list your cancellation is acceptable until "the evening before."

  If a meeting is filled please ask to be on the waiting list  (click for how the waiting list works) for that meeting.  Frequently we get the entire list into the meeting because of last minute cancellations.  When on the waiting list it is most important we have the very best phone number and current e-mail address at which to reach you.  We don't "leave word."  We call until we've been through the waiting list.

Don't forget to update the mailing list at:       Update   

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Current participants pick your dates after you receive our mailing and e-mail us at

Please include first and last name, e-mail address,  

phone number and dates you'll be attending.

If we're full up that day we'll put you on the waiting list and notify  you by e-mail or phone.


If you prefer reservations by phone you can reach us at:

941.925.8559    Irwin Starr

If you reach an answering machine (could be al long as 11 rings)  please state slowly and clearly your

  name, phone number, and the dates you would like to reserve


If you are a first time attendee we'll need information on how to reach you and a brief biography.   See:  Update