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The Roundtable is in its 68th year,  40 years in New York City and beginning its 27th in Sarasota Florida.

Here are the basics of THE  FLORIDA ALL-MEDIA ROUNDTABLE :

1. Participants should be current or former participans in the "media arts,"  of any age, in radio, TV, cable, newspapers, film, magazines, books, music, theater -- all of the varied "media-arts."

2. Unstructured: no dues, no officers, no elections, no bylaws, no business office, no budget goals, no promotion mailings, no fund raising,but a single e-mailing of all the dates for the year in midsummer. We use e-mail to communicate throughout the season,

3. No hidden purpose, only across-the-table discussions among  contributors and participants from different media backgrounds.  We are not a "networking" group, but many lasting friendships are made.

4. All luncheons are Dutch Treat, cash in an envelope circulated during the meeting (this year $26). There's no hidden sponsor, minimal overhead is included.

5.  You must let us know when you want a reservation. There's often a waiting list, so please cancel if you cannot fill your reservation

6. Media guests are welcome and encouraged.  Advance reservations for guests are necessary. Once a guest, you are automatically a member. Once a member, always a member.  Guests will need to get a brief biography to us in time to print in the program.  (Limited to 150 characters including name - please submit by e-mail. See details on the "Your 1st Meeting" page.   Since the club has no dues or bank account who pays for your guest's lunch is between you and your guest.  But, The Roundtable does not!

7. The Roundtable expects and welcomes participation from all over Florida, the U.S. and Canada and world.

9. Desired membership proportions are: a mixture of the actively employed the semi retired, consultants and fully retired.

10. Some people may attend a season once, some once a month, some only one meeting; but we do need your phone number, numbers so we can reach you quickly on open seats,  and especially e-mail address for the annual mailing of meeting dates.