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Florida Media Roundtable





The Waiting List is a Roundtable tradition. 


Seats are limited, though they have increased to 45 since we moved to the Field Club. Demand has also increased.  Most members, as well as our founder, believe the limited "roundtable" atmosphere contributes to our candid conversations on media issues. 


Many people send their reservation sheet with dates checked they "think" they might make, but later cancel. We encourage signing up for as many meetings as you believe you will be able to attend.  We recognize plans do change. The "waiting list" system allows capacity seating and maximum diversity of attendees.


Here's how it works: We hate to have an empty seat!


When you send in your reservation request, if all the dates are not available we'll automatically put you on the waiting list for those meetings and notify you with a confirmation e-mail.  If you don't use e-mail you will have to call me for information,


If you call or e-mail during the season and seats are not available, you are added to the waiting list. 


The "CALL" List


We have an additional category of "WAIT list."  If you'd like to be called if there is an extra  seat for ANY meeting we can put you on a "CALL" list. 


A week prior to each meeting we send confirmation e-mail to those with confirmed reservations and a "tentative" l to those on the waiting/call list.   We ask those "confirmed" to reconfirm.


If you are n the WAITING/CALL notification please return as e-mail immediately if you would like to attend.   Those responses will be the frst to receive open seats by return e-mail. 


Occasionally priority is afforded to a new speaker for a vacant seat if the speaker list isn't filled out. 


We fill the empty seats by e-mail first, then phone.  It is very important we have the best number to reach you.  If we have your cell phone we'll try it only after we've tried your "land lines."   Your cell phone number in our files does increase you chances of a seat.


We DO NOT leave messages unless we are at the end of the wait and call lists..  There is simply not the time to wait for a response before offering the seat to the next on the list.


Finally, experience tells us you have a very good chance of getting in the meeting via the waiting list.  There are frequent cancellations.




Occasionally members have asked if their "non-media" spouses or visiting guest may attend.  To accommodate that request the "SPOUSE/GUEST" list has been established.


Members get first choice on open seats.  But if there are seats available after we've serviced member's needs, we accept "Visiting Spouses."  


Just let the moderator know, e-mail preferred, and we'll let you know.  That notification can come as late as the morning of the meeting, but usually it is the evening prior to the meeting.