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George Allen's Florida Media Roundtable

Roundtable Background

For 67 years the Media Roundtable has brought together media executives and active participants from media of all types for stimulating conversation on the current state of the media and its boundless future.

The Roundtable was started in New York City in 1950 by Media Executive George H. Allen. George and The Roundtable moved to Sarasota, Florida in  1991, where 35 or so active and semi-active media executives, continued to meet 12 to 15 times a year.

In the Summer of 2001, George regretfully wrote the active participants that despite continued full attendance, a regular waiting list for the lunches and rapidly developing participation by members of the "new-media,"  it was time to fold the tent, so to speak. Several active members couldn't bear to see it discontinued and persuaded George to work with us to keep the Roundtable active. 

Irwin Starr has managed the monthly meetings since.

With additional seating capacity at The Field Club  we've averaged  42 participants at each meeting.  There has been a waiting list for every meeting.  It is important those with reservations cancel if they cannot attend.

Background for guests, first-time-participants and long time members of THE FLORIDA ALL-MEDIA EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE

THE ALL-MEDIA ROUNDTABLE is unique in Florida, in the U.S., Canada, and the world, in the field of communications.  With the 2015-16 Season it enterd its 66th year (40 in NYC and/  27 in Florida) of meeting at 12-13 times a year..

ELIGIBILITY means having been on-payroll or on-camera, or the equivalent, in any one or more COMMUNICATION/MEDIA  industries: radio AM, FM; TV; Cable; newspapers; magazines (national or local); book publishing; the theatre arts; trade papers; direct mail; outdoor advertising; movies; music; Internet, etc; editorial, content or business; male or female; now or past.

Each medium of communication has its own industry association and multiple meetings. We compete with none, and involve any or all media.

It is an entirely "voluntary" conversation group; no dues; no officers, no budgets, no bylaws, no standup speakers, no social or hidden purpose  or agenda. . .just an informal  interchange of opinions, news, and developments among interesting, and occasionally, even well known, personalities under informal circumstances involving any or all media of communication…current or future.

Discussion emphasis is on current developments and experiences -- not the past. The Roundtable is not a retirement group.

Politics and religion are considered "out-of-order"  unless discussing media coverage of same.

All comments are always  "off-the-record."

Each ROUNDTABLE meeting is unique unto itself in subject matter, profile of attendees, and industries represented.

George H. Allen, print and broadcast media executive,  initiated the NYC national group (and that in Florida).  He "retired" from actively moderating the group in 2001.  Discussions held around a large round table, people speak while seated, though some prefer to stand. Each meeting usually has four to five speakers including introduction of new participants  Only 40-43 of the 300+ active members can get reservations for any one affair.  There is usually a waiting list,  assuring few empty chairs.  The Social Hour is from 11:30 AM to 12:00PM. The Program begins at 12:00PM and ends PROMPTLY at 2PM.

Sport coat is customary for men, tie optional.

Each GUEST or FIRST TIME MEMBER is introduced by his/her sponsor, and has 8-10 minutes to make comments (seated or standing) and respond to Questions.

The only obligations of membership are:

1. Pay for your own luncheon;

2. Let us know you're coming by phone or e-mail and to cancel if you cannot make it. The waiting list is very fluid so its worth checking for an available seat

3. Supply us with the 150 Character Bio to be printed on the back of the program whenever you attend.