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Site of The Lakeview Class of 1957,
Inspired by the 2007 Class Reunion

Finally, at 73, I got around to emptying boxes long ignored, in preparation
 for "downsizing."  Came across a rolled up Senior Trip pic, battered with age and cracked from the many climates I've lived in over the past 50 years.  Photoshopped the defects as best  I could. Remember I was television management not artistic talent in my past life. If I messed up anyone you know or love forgive me.   

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New page of Reunion pictures by Gary Fisher added, couple e-mails updates.  Keep items coming.  Send you e-mail address if we don't have one listed.  Send "NOW" picture if there is none posted.  Tell your classmates about the site.

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Pictures of the class  Reunion (No Password Required)

Entire class list with "Then & Now" Pic
 and e-mails when available. Many Yearbook  pics still to be added.

A Page of interesting links school stuff, Principal's Obit, Sites of a couple classmate's businesses.
MORE added as they come in. (Pass word required)

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The site is pretty well completed with all the information available from the 2007 class reunion.  Be sure to check out the “Thank You”  column at the bottom of the menu to the left.

What happens with it now depends on what you add.  Here are some suggestions:    

 If you don’t like your “Now” picture, send me a new one (head and shoulders please) and I’ll replace the one from the party. Other material can also be linked to that spot.  Perhaps you want your résumé attached, or pictures of the family,  or a link to you own personal or business internet site.  


 I’ll definitely set up a page for comments.  For the moment, until I can find appropriate software for you to make the entries directly, just send them to me and I’ll post them on the page. Other links of general interest (like the principal's Obit) are welcome.  Any information and pictures of past teachers, etc.

If you are reporting someone is deceased PLEASE CONFIRM IT!

Generate more traffic to the site by telling our classmates about it.


But especially dialogue  - for the moment as e-mails through me which I'll post.  If we get enough response  to justify the time and software I'll eventually design it so you an make your own entries. Eventually I'd like to design it so you can make your own entries.   



Irwin Starr

Sarasota Florida