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Josephine (Abate) Martinez 
David Allen
Ann Katherine (Alongi)  Frontiera 
Michael Amidon
Tom A. Argo 
Tom Asksamit 
 Jackie (Aslakson)  Senkmajer
Nancy Banks 
Judith (Baren)  Ston 
Dale Barnes  
James Beckey  
Duane Belt
Manfred (Fred) Bloemaeke  
John D. Bosch   
Janet Bond 
Aryln Carrothers 
George Chadwick  
James Chesnick 
John Clark  
Clinton Twp. MI.
Christine Colovus 
Jeanette (Columbo) McCurry
Janet (Conrad) Greene

  My husband, Gary, and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2010.  We have two daughters, two sons-in-law and four grandsons.  Life is good!

Jonilin Craner
Chuck Crowton
Rebecca (Davey)  Fitzgerald
Norman Decker
Sandra Chalmers
   Formerly :(Shern-Defever)
Mary Jane (Di Loreto) Mida
Judith K. (Douglas) Barton
Sarah (Drogo) Iannello
Sharon Duff 
Joyce (Dutko) Muset 
Margaret (Eagan) Wlodkowski 
Judith Ellis 
Robert Emmons 
Donald Ettinger 
Ronnie Fabbaro
*  Deceased
Marvin Fasbender 
Frances Ferra
Robert J. Fisher
Gary Francell
Shirley Gates  
Carole (Gawlik) Parent
Dianna (Guastello) Maresh
Sandra (Harlacker) Fontaine 
Chuck Hayden 
Richard Henkel 
James Hennekam 
Pete Hossack
Malcolm Hudson   
    Jerry Hunter 
    Anthony Julian  
Carolyn (Keyes) Bradshaw
  Antonia (Klebba) Strachen
     Aretta (Klein) Malone  
Donald E. Knappe
Rachael (Laquiere) Trombley
Beverly (Leon) Oliver
Paul J. Level 
Marilyn K. Lewis 
William Livingston  
Richard (Rick) Loffredo
Sharon Maier 
Charlene (Makara) Huget
Janet (Malone)  Jones-Kern



Jerry L. Mann
Robert G. Maul
Jack K. McDonald  
Ann Mihos
Jane E. (Mills)
John C. Mills
Marion Muto
Larry V. Nadolski 

America's Best Health & Life Agents

USA Benefits Group is a nationwide network of health and life insurance professionals that have been serving small business owners and the self-employed since 1988

Alan Nancarrow
Liela (Neeman) Dougherty
Dennis J. Nikolauk
Charles N. Norman
Rose Marie (Nummer) Kaiser 
Frances (Orlando) Koch
Raymond S. Parker 
DECEASED August 2012
Richard L. Parker  
Charles Petrie
DECEASED August 2011
Adolf Preuss
Reported Decceased November 2014
    Beverly Radford   
Beverly (Randall)
James Robb
Lothar Rossol
Ilona (Saxton) Larson
Deceased 2013
Mary E. Schenk
Gary C. Schultz - E-Mail from Gary:

Please note my attached photo about a year old.

 Still working ---  My own company (consulting) a few days a week.

 Divorced with two children, boy Donald born in 1970 and girl Susan born in 1972

 Two grand children Alex 14 and Nikki 16

 Currently reside in Harrison Township, MI

 Maybe you can add me to the mailing listÖ sorry I didnít know about the 50 year reunion.  I had even left my e-mail address with the school secretary.  Just got word of the picnic this SaturdayÖ. Iíll try to make it.

 Hope all had fun at the reunion

 Iíve looked at the pictures.. not sure if I would have known who anyone was without name tags --- caulk it up to my old age  <grin>

 Regards,  Gary Schultz

Judy (Shaw) Simms
Annette (Smigelski) Housey 
Janice L. Smith
Ken F. Snow
Sandra G. (Spaugh) Sakella
Irwin Starr
Sarasota, FL.
Carol V, (Stevenson) Sheppard
Ralph H. Swick
    DECEASED  October 2008
Calvin Earl Teschendorf

Deceased Sept-Oct 2012
Carolyn (Teschendorf) Masters
Judith Todd Osborne
Gene Ursu 
DECEASED February 2011
Sharon Vagts Dimond

Sam Vitale

Ypsilanti, MI

Tony Vogel
Clarkston, MI
Patricia (Watkins) Senger
New Hope, MN

Diann Watson Braun

Professional Web Site:

  Shareen (Williamson) Lenders
Gladwin, MI /  Sanford, FL
  Alice Woroski  Sosnowski
Pigeon, MI / west of Phoenix
Robert G. Young 
Linda Zerilli
Cynthia (Zielinski)
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