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Your First Meeting

Welcome to the Media Roundtable.  First timers frequently ask what to expect. Most of the information you'll need in on this page.

At least five days prior to your first meeting you need to submit a 150 CHARACTER bio to the meeting moderator (istarr@usa.net). (Outrageous abbreviations are acceptable - even encouraged.) It will be included on the back of the day's program, along with the bios of each person attending and notation of the day's new members, speakers and sponsors.

You are much better than I am at condensing your career to the 150  most important characters.  Please edit to150 Characters prior to sending to me.  I'll just send ti back for more editing. 

   The meeting starts promptly at 12 Noon, though many arrive as early as 11:30. Seating is random, but we don't "overbook" so a seat will be available.  Occasionally someone will show up thinking they have a reservation when they don't. Sometimes they can be accommodated, sometimes not. We finish promptly at 2pm. There are no "assigned" seats.

You will be introduced briefly by your sponsor.

Take 8-10 minutes to talk about your background, especially media related background, and other topics you feel may interest to the group.   There will be time for questions. There is no specific order or duration for the  speakers - occasionally as many as six.   The moderator tries to juggle the speakers based on how conversation develops.  

Tradition has everyone, including new participants, paying their own way. $25 is paid at the end of the meeting and covers meal, gratuity and coffee or tea. Other drinks, soft or hard, are not available.  As a private club the service staff cannot accept payment so we request you order no beverage except coffee, tea or iced tea.

You are now a member of the organization.  There are no dues.  Just fill in the form on the inside of the program and you're on the list for the annual invitation. If you care to attend additional sessions in the current season call the moderator.  He'll advise you of open dates or put you on the waiting list for future meetings. (See  Dates & Reservations for how the waiting list works.

Welcome to The Media Roundtable.